Box culverts grillage

‘Box culverts + grillage’ includes analyses of all relevant load cases using stiffness matrix solution and compilations of load combination bending moments and shears (at supports and at ’d’ from supports) in accordance with Eurocode 7 and PD 6694. Uplift and sliding stabilities are also included. Wheel load distribution using a Boussinesq analysis or grillage for analysis of roof slab subjected to wheel or patch loads.

Contents (21 pages)

  • Culvert data
  • earth pressure coefficients
  • loadings
  • load combinations
  • buoyancy and sliding checks
  • analysis of roof, walls and base loading by stiffness matrix
  • partial factors
  • design moments
  • design shears
  • roof slab grillage
  • grillage data
  • loads and results summary
  • matrix & results
  • roof slab loading

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