Civil Engineering Spreadsheets

Structechnique is a provider of low-cost Excel* spreadsheet solutions for civil and structural engineering elements and design related issues.

Grillage models* based on stiffness matrix analysis are available for 1- or 2-beam footbridges, 4-, 6- and 8-beam normal or skewed 1 to 3-span bridge decks, deck slab, abutment and wing walls. Integral or ‘ladder’ type decks can also be analysed using rotational springs or by omitting supports. The lowest natural frequency is calculated for the footbridge grillage models. Results have been verified by a commercially available structural analysis software program.

General plane and space frame stiffness matrix solutions are provided as well as free solutions for portal frames, multi-span beams, slabs and beams on elastic foundations. Access to the stiffness matrix formulation is also available.

Structural elements include arches, retaining walls, pre-stressed beams, steel and concrete composite bridges, U-frame and truss bridges, pile groups and box culverts designed in accordance with relevant Eurocodes. Design issues addressed include buckling, elastic impact, elastic settlement, dynamics and tuned mass dampers and differential temperature effects.

Spreadsheets include theoretical formulations and explanations of methodologies and allow access to all cell data and formulae (except stiffness matrices, unless noted otherwise). A brief summary and a list of contents is given for each spreadsheet and a pdf copy of calculation extracts is also available.

Technical papers published in The Structural Engineer (February 2017, January 2016 and July 2013) are also available to provide background reading to the structural dynamics and buckling spreadsheets. A further paper provides guidance to create your own stiffness matrix grillage and natural frequency solution, which can be easily adapted for plane frame modelling.

* Requires Excel 2016

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