Steel and concrete composite bridges ladder deck

‘St&conladdbridge’ provides design calculations for bending and shear capacities, stresses, shrinkage, integral earth pressures, web stiffeners, shear connectors, welds, bracing, fatigue, splices and cross girder connection for multi-span steel and concrete composite multi-beam ladder deck bridges in accordance with Eurocodes.

Contents (54 pages)

  • Input data shear lag
  • Elastic properties
  • Plastic properties
  • Partial factors
  • Creep and shrinkage
  • Earth pressures for integral bridges
  • Lateral torsional buckling for steel beams alone
  • Composite bending
  • Shear
  • Stress history
  • Crack control
  • Web stiffeners
  • Bracing
  • Shear connectors
  • Main beam welds
  • Fatigue
  • Main beam splices
  • Cross beam connection

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